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Leadership Brownsville is an organization whose purpose is to identify and motivate emerging leaders each year and to develop their potential for community leadership by exposing them to the realities, opportunities and challenges of the community.

Leadership Brownsville is funded both by a class fee of $450 per enrolled participant and by contributions from the community. Members of the Leadership Brownsville Board of Directors, comprised of past alumni and at-large community members, coordinate the program each year.


One of the important ingredients in building a successful, thriving community is an investment in leadership. Cultivated, trained and motivated community leaders will shape and determine the future in our area.

Leadership Brownsville, Inc., organized in 1985, is one of more than 500 leadership development programs throughout the country. It is an organization steeped in a rich history with a longstanding, strategic desire to impact our community in a lasting and significant way.

Leadership Brownsville provides potential leaders the knowledge to effectively participate in community affairs, to learn the history and demography of our community, to understand its financial and political difficulties and promises, and to become a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

Never doubt
that a small 
group of 
citizens can 
change the world. 

Indeed it is the 
only thing 
​that ever has.

– Margaret Mead

Requirements for Leadership Brownsville Participants

Leadership Brownsville class members are expected to:

  • Pay a $450 tuition/course fee*.
  • Attend nine full-day sessions, held monthly.
  • Attend Orientation Dinner (September), and Closing Dinner (May).
  • Attend trip to the state capital - Austin, TX (Early February)
  • Attend six civic and/or government meetings during the nine-month period.
  • Participate in a community service project as defined by the moderators at the Orientation Session.

*Tuition/Course Fee

Participants are required to pay a one-time $450 non-refundable fee due on or before the Orientation Session. (Installment Plan available upon request)

Class Attendance Requirements

Most sessions begin promptly at 7:30AM and conclude at approximately 5:00PM. Times may vary slightly, depending on the session. Participants are expected to attend ALL sessions. Late arrival or early departure from a session will be counted towards the attendance requirements. There will be no excused absences. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

A late arrival or early departure will count as a half-day absence (four hours) from a monthly program. Participants will not graduate from the program if they miss more than 16 hours of the program time (equivalent to 2 sessions). Participants may continue attending the sessions with the class but will not graduate with the class that year; they may make up the missed sessions the following year and graduate that year upon completion of all requirements.

Civic Requirements

Participants are required to attend six civic and/or governmental meetings during the nine-month period. Attendance at these meetings is important to achieve an understanding of how a civic or governmental entity operates. A full explanation of the scheduled meetings will be provided to participants at the Orientation Session. Participants will not graduate from the program if they do not meet the civic requirements. Participants short on civic requirements may continue attending the sessions with the class but will not graduate with the class that year. Participants may make up the civic requirements the following year and attend graduation that year upon completion of all requirements.

Criteria for Participant’s Dismissal from Program

Dismissal of a participant may occur when there is/are:

  1. Absences or partial absences from program meetings totaling (in aggregate) 16 hours or more. Absence during mealtime (unless a particular meal is announced as exempted from this requirement, in advance, by the Leadership Brownsville Board of Directors) shall be counted. If your absences should total more than 16 hours, a letter will be sent to you and your employer with information regarding the failure to meet program requirements and stating that you will not graduate with the class.

  2. Five occasions of either late arrivals or early departures from program meetings, where the absence exceeds 30 minutes. Leaving a program meeting in progress for more than 30 minutes shall be counted as one occasion or early departure whether or not the participant returns. (This includes leaving at or during mealtimes, except those mealtimes which may be exempted as stated below.)

  3. Failure to attend those civic and governmental meetings required under the curriculum guidelines as set by the Leadership Brownsville Board of Directors. No absences from any single meeting or activity shall for the purpose herein be counted greater than eight hours even though such meeting or activity shall be longer. All absences, late arrivals and early departures, for any reason and whether or not they are foreseeable for cause, avoidable, intentional or accidental, shall count against the attendance requirements.